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Ram Guy by Ciervo
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This one, besides doing an ovine, was intended to demonstrate muscle expansion in one frame without the TF subject becoming overly muscled. I think the explanation was that he was about to change into his mascot costume in order to cheer his school's team on to touchdowns. Then he became the mascot before he could even change clothes. Whoops.
Ram TF by Ciervo
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A commission from a loooong time ago for shadowfox014 on FA. I started working on a background, but haven't gotten very far. When I finish it, I'll repost! To-be title: Shofar, Sho Good. (Trigger being an inexplicably magical ram's horn trumpet.)
Commission: Worgen Sheep TF Final by EduartBoudewijn
7550 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
This was a commission I drew; the commissioner wanted a picture of one of his WoW characters being turned into a sheep.
Weresheep by Hukeng
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She might have taken a part-time job at her crazy uncle´s garage for the summer, but her true passion are cheesy old-school fantasy novels, wich she loves to scavenge and "save" from garage sales. Also, she´s definitely an old childhood friend of that dog boy, who has always been unusually -almost instictively- protective towards her... Playing around with digital greyscale and shading, wich turned this from a bunch of sketches I wasn´t even particularly fond of into something I almost sorta ...
Spaaa Day Redraw by KrazyIvan
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Patrons voted on which one of my sketches to finish, here's the result. Usual stuff, feel free to enjoy this but if you want the version without the swim suit go here: Thanks guys:)
Almost Like A Glove by Eccentricchimera
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Okay, time to start adding some new stuff! Here's an unusual TF of a friend becoming a living sock!
Happy New Year 2015 by Kaju
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This year's zodiac is sheep.
Beep Beep Small Web by Trevor_Fox
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In-stream commission for Analternateguy234 on FA! I was given artistic liberty to do a TF/TG of him, so I turned him into a sheep girl. I've really liked the style and look of sheep lately, and I was more than happy to get some more practice in. I don't think she'll mind too much ~
Hungry Hungry Hounds by KrazyIvan
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Poll request
Ba-a-adman by Samarline
4156 views, 24 favorites, 2 comments
Silly pun, yeah :D Bedman (c) Guilty Gear/Daisuke Ishiwatari