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Featherweight - Human - Mouse TF (VORE) by Ametf
4 images, 25509 views, 63 favorites, 11 comments
Commission comic for Spacix. There's a Vore warning for the 4th image. Or just pretend mouse is a dentist.
Tridant-Transformation by Sangluna
25130 views, 160 favorites, 5 comments
A piece for Phil/lemondrop.A diver finds hidden treasure, but is turned into a mermaid as she picks up an enchanted trident.Mostly watercolours/colored pencil.
A Halloween Bash by Tgwonder
25067 views, 163 favorites, 2 comments
yep, happens to be a ordinary costume party, but i don't recall having female guests thou. :V
Unicorn TF by Narubi
5 images, 24877 views, 173 favorites, 7 comments
Commission done for a user on DA ^^
newroo by Flinters
24873 views, 112 favorites, 1 comment
Unexpected Role by Narubi
3 images, 23677 views, 184 favorites, 10 comments
A girl is given an unexpected role to play when volunteering for Christmas sleigh rides... Commission for a user on FA :)
Mail by LanceNightingale
4 images, 22595 views, 187 favorites, 3 comments
Malcolm receives a strange letter with no return address, upon opening the letter he finds a coin. -Commission-
Gotta be Historically Accurate - Commission by Ametf
2 images, 22467 views, 83 favorites, 12 comments
Commission for Spacix on FA. A lady signs up for Civil War Reenactment - but back then, there weren't no wimin folk in the military and you've got to be /canon/ to historical events... Edit: Added the 2nd and final picture. I particularly like the nightmare fuel face/muzzle tf stage. >:3
WerewolfMeteor-color by CaliforniaKitFox
22120 views, 45 favorites, 10 comments
The Werewolf Meteorite
A Trashy Bug TF - Commission by Ametf
21850 views, 68 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Silao on FA. A sequel to his first commission - Looks like that lazy roach didn't dispose of his bug spray properly! Also featuring Nomeking as the Wasp man and Seneca as the Bee.