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Spirit Hood by Oter
7 images, 56732 views, 534 favorites, 25 comments
A commission for Siegmar.
tempest by Angrboda
51890 views, 524 favorites, 13 comments
my half of an art trade with tempestryder; their character Rae gets bit by a loving but infectous fox.
Unclean Wound by GeckzGo
22702 views, 375 favorites, 25 comments
Sketch inspired by the Worgen from WoW. A victim of a werewolf's scratch thinks she has made peace with her fate, but is nonetheless shocked as her body transforms before her eyes.
Transfur Husky by DakotaCat
5 images, 41705 views, 325 favorites, 19 comments
A birthday gift causes something... unexpected
A Dragonslayer's Curse by Narubi
5 images, 29609 views, 319 favorites, 15 comments
An ancient curse has finally caught up with this family for their past actions... Commission done for a user on DA :0
A Horse Named Charity by Comic
5 images, 30084 views, 288 favorites, 14 comments
Some people don't like the name. Well to them I say the following. "-pbbbbbtt-...That's the sound a butt makes." -Comic, 2014
The Red Curse by Amber-Aria
3 images, 40445 views, 278 favorites, 22 comments
What if "Little Red Riding Hood" was not a simple fairy tale, and instead of a young girl in a red cape, the persona belongs to a sleek and sexy super heroine? The legacy of this Red Riding Hood does not belong to a single person, but is a curse that transfers from one person to another. This unsuspecting @thistle has unwittingly inherited that curse, and will gain the responsibility of the cloak. Unfortunately, a few changes have to be made so he can fit the uniform...
Donkey Gal by Viergacht
5 images, 28189 views, 276 favorites, 5 comments
A sequence done for The-Transforming-Pen on DA. They dictated the pose and degree of tf and I just strove to deliver. She looks pretty unhappy about the situation, but I like to make up my own story, like maybe she's usually a majestic werewolf who's having an unexpected allergic reaction to Twinkies or something. She'll be fine. LessThanHuman did a really sweet photomanip based on the second drawing!
Komodo Dragon TF by Oter
6 images, 33079 views, 274 favorites, 25 comments
A commission for Artguy over at FA. Edit: New image added, years after the tf.
I Love You <3 by Nakitacat
22461 views, 260 favorites, 15 comments
My annual Halloween TF Pic :3 Hope you Like, I thought it would be a fitting first post.