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kylee dingo by Taus
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Commission for @Shadey, involving her character Kaylee getting stuck in the machine she's working on and subsequently being given the opportunity to test it by some of the scientists. Needless to say, she isn't all that happy with them, even if the changes seem to suit her.
Femgrifcs by PickleJuice
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Female Warrior trespassing, exploting, suffering from a curse.
karmak by Sirenz
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owlshusc by PickleJuice
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Huskie Mascot has to go out in the rain... after a weird meteor shower...
dino by Kuma
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And he's done. final pic!
Werefox Commie page by B by BlackRat
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4 page werefox commission for BP. Poor guy forgot his Transforming schedule... again. MangaStudio, Photoshop and painter 9
Working Overtime by Amber-Aria
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Let’s have my first post for the new year be a cute, productive one. Here’s an adorable sketch comic that I was asked to draw for Mr.Nibz on FurAffinity, of a werecougar woman and her husband sharing a cute little back-and-forth as she tries to keep working through a full moon. (And as a note, Mr. Nibz wrote the dialogue for this comic.)
Sharkgirl by GeckzGo
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I think she has a different shark problem now... From the Transfur donation drive.
Linda by Sangluna
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Series of Commissions for Newenglander-really fun project! Watercolours/coloured pencil on board.
comic by Spirit_Pup
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7/7. Seems Riley's taking it in stride once it's all said and done. But it looks like his sacrifice was in vain... I'm wanting to do a part 2 to this which will be longer, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to between commissions.