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h-g by SentR
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Vixen and Rabbit by Edmol
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A way to home from school.
Greer by Emerwyn
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This is a sequence of the character, Greer Cassenwari, who is transforming into a Harris' Hawk. She is owned by Gaia's Perri Indiya. This is the first character I was assigned to as an artist at the Island of Doctor Moreau Roleplay. The first couple of stages are a little old, but I felt they were neccessary. Now we can watch not only the growth of poor Greer, but also the growth of my art as it is spanned over nearly a year!
ResultsInconclusive by CaliforniaKitFox
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Results Inconclusive.
jamal by Arania
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A gangsta-type individual (an original character of JadeEye called Jamal) starting a rather reluctant transformation into a white tiger. Though sometimes carnivore blood in an already violent individual can have some... unpleasant results. Now complete. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.
Catssm by Arania
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There's no time! The actor arrives late to his own play; all the other cast members are no longer backstage and he doesn't have time to put on costume or makeup... and then.. the problem magically solves itself.
Nefratiti by Juanvaldez
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After a rude awakening and a painful transformation, the Queen lurkes the halls in search of new followers.
stoplisten by Angrboda
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A collab between the super cool Juan Valdez and little old me; two ladies get charmed by the dark side!
Draft copy by XXy
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Fennec fox transform- due to some sort of spell. Sorry for the lack of exploration- next time quite possibly will have two people at once...
HappyHalloweeen! by PedestrianWolf
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For a contest on FA. The Halloween candy is tainted with something strange...