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beartfclr by Mirandaleigh
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Quick thing i did in OC, was stuck in my head.... So all stuffed animals are the guardians of children. Passed onto her by her mother, she's transformed by her stuffed bears guardian spirit in order to save others from the malice that has materialized as monsters in the world. She's not alone... more and more people are realizing their stuffed animals aren't so inanimate after all.
Out of the Blue by Amber-Aria
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Simply a commission I did for one of my customers on FA, LlunaBlue. Does this guy know what happens or why it does? Nope, it's just a skunk transformation out of the blue from being in the right place at the right time~
Tail! by Mrpersonperson
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Oldish TF sequence that was done for practice! :)
cowgirl by Angrboda
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One of my personal favorites, a fluffy cowgirl TF.
shaggydog by Ealadubh
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mastermastel by Birvan
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Commission for Mastermastel, a TF sequence of him transforming into his dragon self. I think the natural sedative that's keeping him from feeling the pain of the transformation is numbing his senses, reason why he doesn't notice his clothes ripping
bunny by Liger
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Rebecca finds a tastey treat..
cassidy by Emerwyn
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Another piece for the Island of Doctor Moreau Roleplay. A combination Green Python and Scarlet Macaw. A kind of 'mock Quetzacoatl.' And now she is done! This is the fifth and final stage of Cassidy's long and grueling transformation. Also my first completed IoDM sequence. <3
Summoning The Serpent God by Ametf
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Commission for Scaly_Hydra on FA. Warning - There is soft vore in the later stages, but I'll upload the pages here for the sake of completion. Ophis, Scaly's serpent god, transforms a willing worshipper into a fellow snake. They then devour the temple worshippers, who are gladly eaten by their revered God.
tob by PickleJuice
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Behold the rejected image. Not good enough to be a genchan at Comic Genesis. Oh well. I guess I didn't read their restrictions hard enough. Their loss... your gain... *blinks* if you like it... Anyhoo, it's all meant to be an ad for my crappy little black and white webcomic The Office Bitch ( .. Can I put a web link in here? O.O.