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metamorpher has that effe by Cayuga
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ericfox by PickleJuice
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It's that old story: Scientist makes experimental Serum, Funding Runs out, Scientist tests Serum
DontNeedSplainin by CaliforniaKitFox
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Some things dont need 'splainin'
dam scene by Soty
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And who says shady waste disposal policies are ALWAYS a bad thing? n.n My half of a Secret Santa trade at TF Central. This one goes out to Rusty. :)
Dalmatian by Coyoteskin
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This somehow turned into a sequence. I really appreciate the comments :D
OrcaTrans by Edmol
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The LOVE which got over a species.
amaya by Arania
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It's apparently Iguana-week ^_~. And OMG the scales XD. Amaya, character by Kitara Kata - a teenage girl undergoes a transformation into an iguana - not quite as empowering of a transformation as Colche's, Amaya faces selfconfidence issues as she looks less and less like a girl as she becomes a reptile.
cockatricesm by Arania
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A recent 3-part commission :3 A sudden, unexpected, but not necessarily unwelcome transformation into a 4' anthropomorphic cockatrice :3
TFComic by Silver557
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New artist around...>.> I did this sequence for a friend the other day, I think it looks good...I just forgot to change the filename >.>"
cowTF by Edmol
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