1920s Gentleman to Giraffe by TigrisG

1920s Gentleman to Giraffe by

Date: 5/23/2012 Views: 6785 Favorites: 44 Comments: 2


He really wants that lollypop! This fella has decided to kick off his shoes at home and enjoy a lollypop, only to find that his arm is growing longer and his tongue is having trouble reaching it. That wasn't a hindrance for long.


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I like the style on this one a lot. From the thumbnail Inalmost thought it was one of those classic turn of the century boxing posters. Fits your time period choice quite well.


Love the expression and facial detail on this one - and gotta love that retro hair, or what's left of it at least!

I can only imagine the followup - massive giraffe, with the same goofy expression and awkwardly leaning down to lick the lollypop that's dropped onto the floor.