Wolf In Sheeps Clothing by TigrisG

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing by

Date: 4/23/2014 Views: 12400 Favorites: 41 Comments: 4


He and his girlfriend had only been dating for a few weeks. They wanted to go to the Halloween party as a couple and thought it would be cute to go as Bo Peep and her little lost sheep. He worked for weeks, researching costume-making, planning it out, ordering the right materials, and constructing it to make sure that his costume was perfect. His mind became so wrapped up in getting the sheep finished, that he forgot to check if there was a full moon on Halloween. When he realized that he was beginning to shift, he was so overwhelmed with frustration and disappointment that he didn't notice his girlfriend freaking out or screaming. He will have to explain this to her later.. that is, if she sticks around..

Done for a contest. Had to hurry to get it done by the due date, so unlike his meticulously-planned sheep costume, this is not perfect. lol


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would love to see this in a sequence! Its soo cute!


Oh wow that's so perfect! Love it!


It's so easy to forget the moon is full every month.


Can you imagine a lunar eclipse on the most right of days - just a month you get to skip your period?