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Modern Warfare by Sergio P. Wolf
9529 views, 97 favorites, 5 comments
This fella is about to painfully turn into great dane, the victim of the latest in modern warfare, chemical transformation agents! This test subject is either having a very bad day, or a very very good one, depending on who you ask.
Moonlight Invitation by Sergio P. Wolf
5851 views, 30 favorites, 8 comments
The werewolf gestured with his half-paw to follow him into the woods. "Hey, buddy, let's go take a walk," He growled, showing his newly developed fangs. "I got a lot more wolf than this to show you." At least, that's how I'd like to enjoy a walk in the night woods. Thanks imaginary werewolf buddy! You really came through with just what I wanted! Lycanthropy is the perfect gift.
Accidental Rat by Sergio P. Wolf
6360 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
I guess this poor fella didn't set out this morning expecting to end his day as a rat. :)
CatBeam! by Sergio P. Wolf
7006 views, 30 favorites, 4 comments
I did this in colored pencil years ago and I'm still generally taken with how it turned out. I'm surprised I didn't post it back when I posted stuff more regularly. Regardless... *flings .jpg at you* CatBeam! is the foul power of the not quite normal King cat to turn tiny humans into cats, obviously! :) If I did this today I'd probably make the human much bigger so we could actually see the transformation taking hold more closely. I wasn't terribly comfortable with the medium at the time, thi...
Anson by Sergio P. Wolf
7501 views, 44 favorites, 4 comments
It's a rough night for Anson. Having been bitten by a werewolf, he finds himself transforming for the first time a month later! Having biked as far from town as possible to not hurt anyone, he stares at his hands as they warp into paws.
Werewolf Kid by Sergio P. Wolf
8344 views, 84 favorites, 11 comments
School is hard enough without having to worry about starting to wolf out in school! :( Hopefully he can duck into a locker before someone sees him.
Scurry UPS Werewolf by Sergio P. Wolf
6932 views, 43 favorites, 11 comments
...because UPS opened up their hiring policy to werewolves...?
No Pain No Gain by Sergio P. Wolf
10340 views, 126 favorites, 4 comments
Let's get something straight: this fella's thrilled to be a werewolf, but going from biped to quadruped still hurts. He'll be running around again like a champ in no time!
The iconoclasm of doubt by Sergio P. Wolf
11203 views, 43 favorites, 3 comments
Ha! Mouse transformation! I quite love 'em.
Beware of Dryad by Sergio P. Wolf
10554 views, 57 favorites, 11 comments
Dryads be mean.