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No Pain No Gain by Sergio P. Wolf
9667 views, 126 favorites, 4 comments
Let's get something straight: this fella's thrilled to be a werewolf, but going from biped to quadruped still hurts. He'll be running around again like a champ in no time!
Modern Warfare by Sergio P. Wolf
8710 views, 93 favorites, 5 comments
This fella is about to painfully turn into great dane, the victim of the latest in modern warfare, chemical transformation agents! This test subject is either having a very bad day, or a very very good one, depending on who you ask.
Misty Forest by Sergio P. Wolf
10809 views, 90 favorites, 9 comments
I guess I wanted to try a wolf TF again, because, let's be honest, HOT...! Anyway, this poor fellow is lost in a chilly magical forest, and gets the short end of the stick. Still, at least he stands a chance of surviving as a wolf, not so much as a mouse or a squirrel...
Werewolf Kid by Sergio P. Wolf
7614 views, 84 favorites, 11 comments
School is hard enough without having to worry about starting to wolf out in school! :( Hopefully he can duck into a locker before someone sees him.
Wolf as a Dream by Sergio P. Wolf
8982 views, 76 favorites, 4 comments
I wanted to play with colors, and I realized that I never have done a wolf, whats up with that? I don't know if I'll do many more, it's not my usual thing, but I like the way it turned out well enough. I hope I didn't mess up the wolf anatomy too badly... ^^;
Beware of Dryad by Sergio P. Wolf
9820 views, 56 favorites, 11 comments
Dryads be mean.
Puffin potion by Sergio P. Wolf
5571 views, 51 favorites, 3 comments
Well, this is what happens when you experiment on yourself with strange and unusual potions... at this point I'd assume that the urge to go find some yummy fish has pretty much taken over, might as well shake off that pesky lab coat and go find some... :)
Feelin' sharky by Sergio P. Wolf
9683 views, 50 favorites, 16 comments
This is what happens when you _____ and _______ all the while doing ________. SO NOW EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO TRANSFORM IN REAL LIFE.
Scurry UPS Werewolf by Sergio P. Wolf
6287 views, 43 favorites, 11 comments
...because UPS opened up their hiring policy to werewolves...?
Anson by Sergio P. Wolf
6845 views, 43 favorites, 4 comments
It's a rough night for Anson. Having been bitten by a werewolf, he finds himself transforming for the first time a month later! Having biked as far from town as possible to not hurt anyone, he stares at his hands as they warp into paws.