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She-Eats-Feathers by Atalhlla
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This week was Crow Week on FA :U So here's something to cap it off.
That's not what pools feel like by Atalhlla
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There was a dawning moment of realization as at first the water felt funny, then did his swimtrunks, and all too soon did the rest of him... For the Trapped at the Pool challenge. Okay, maybe he's not so much trapped. Should have used more cool colors?
I'll just nip on back, shall I? by Atalhlla
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Quickie He needs to get some pants that he can shift in. More quin gold abuse. :L
Shrinking Feeling by Atalhlla
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Chinchillas are pretty tiny. No-pencil doodle in my pocket sketch book! Woulda washed it but I forgot I had my waterbrush. (Edit! Relative to a human being. Chinchillas are indeed pretty big rodents! Not godzillas like capybaras, but still.)
Flotsam by Atalhlla
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Rivena just did a number on her clothes :U Rivena © Fringedog! I think he's on here, too! :O
Feral Fox TF by Atalhlla
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I got lazy and covered the bottom half with curly clouds :L An experiment, doing ink/wash type things using my new water brush with built in sun lamp I MEAN water reservoir. The brush it self isn't actually that bad, though I don't really care for it for actual watercolors. That's probably because it's small, and I have a nifty travel #8 round. This sorta thing is fine, though, and means I can do this very much on the go. I'm also using it for wetting my watercolor pallet, now. You can ...
lollook a fox TF by Atalhlla
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This shoulder is silly! A drawing from before I started washing them with water. Both ways are fun. This way's more stark.
But I don't want to be a furry! by Atalhlla
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What has Fiercewolf gotten himself into, this time?! Haurbus! Done during an OC session. You probably won't see many OC pics...
And There Will Be Ke'ek by Atalhlla
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Alternative title, which I vetoed immediately: Let Them Eat Ke'ek. Reason: Just No. Two page spreads done all graphic novel style :U Jeramy Fraser was just walking home from a late night of work when he was mugged by a pair of ne'er do well breasts.
Caught with his pants down by Atalhlla
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The worst part is he got toothpaste in his eye.