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billmary by Bilious
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After Maryke the Lemur-woman's 75% transformation, Billy attempts to console her with hopes of being laid afterward X3
billmary by Bilious
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Beak vs. Muzzle! Transformations taking place right befor a make-out session makes things akward, to say the least!
werewolfnewtdoodles by Bilious
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Totally unrelated to IoDM, but Newt again- from the current Crux novel, Newt unfortunatly contracts lycanthropy. Poor guy! Let's hope he doesn't eat his boyfriend ToT nor the neighbor's cat!
billyagestudy by Bilious
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With all the doodles of Billy's later stages of his transformation, I was missing on his human self- doodled this age study durring class, I thought it was interesting!
FandNewt by Bilious
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Reivan's IoDM character F who is 25% flea and 50%froggy Newt having a little heart to heart. I think Newt's subconciously trying to decide whether or not to eat the big bug
cutoutthechip by Bilious
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Doodles of when Billy actually tries to cut out the microchip in the back of Jamal's spine with a bit of glass- yeah, I still say Jamal's screwed. D: We'll see how the revolution can go with a paralized tiger-man and a crippled octopus-man!
billyheadshots by Bilious
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Headshots of Billy's 75% form through his transformation into an octopus man- doodled durring class like the newt ones. Funny thing is, I still take pretty good notes despite all this offtopicness XD
newtdoodlesheadshots by Bilious
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Doodles I did durring class of Newt's 50% through his transformation into a frog. He's so cute ToT
billydoodles by Bilious
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old doodles trying to design Billy's 75% face :O I figure I can upload these now that he's changed!
billydoodlesmall by Bilious
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a doodle of Billy from behind, showing off his funny tatoo and the side-effect fins I added for visual amusement >:3