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Horse to Bat by Birvan
3610 views, 21 favorites, 7 comments
A really weird idea I had once that I never managed to shake off. Not particularly well polished because I just wanted to get it out of my head ^^;
Spain's Transformation by Birvan
3957 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
*I'm an Hetalia fan, sue me* This idea was heavily inspired on a dream I had in 2012 where Spain was slowly turning into a Bicha (a human faced bull creature from pre-roman times), but was completely unaware of the changes due to the nature of the transformation To him it was a perfectly normal day, even when he could no longer fit in the kitchen or broke the chair with his new added weight. Romano on the other hand was pretty freaked out by the event
transition by Birvan
4576 views, 14 favorites, 5 comments
A study on how the feet transform into hooves
mutant by Birvan
5160 views, 10 favorites, 3 comments
Technically it's not a transformation, but an offspring from 2 people genetically transformed into wolves. A real mutation gone wrong
zach by Birvan
4923 views, 17 favorites, 3 comments
A doodle I did on request for Antigra in Gaia. It's her 100% character from IoDM, Zach. And that "fries" has a double meaning. I think ou guys can easily figure them out ;3
rhino by Birvan
4117 views, 9 favorites, 1 comment
An old man who got turned into a rhino. It was one of my random concepts I came up for IoDM, ideas for others to use
Untitled by Birvan
6404 views, 28 favorites, 6 comments
A person half way into changing to a flying horse, but not really appreciating the results Xp
bird by Birvan
5341 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
A study I did on how a person would look halfway in turning into a hawk