Some big pawbs by WhenWolvesCryOut

Some big pawbs by

Date: 2/27/2020 Views: 26297 Favorites: 132 Comments: 22

Gender Change - Male to Female

Third page, and kind of a redo of the last one in a way, as I really wasn't happy with it.


Did a bit of a follow-up for some more gold and feral sphinx practice. Still struggle with feral animal anatomy a bit...adding human back into that doesn't make it easier.


My computer is still crashing non-stop, so have some traditional art.

Taking a bit between fighting the digital work to do these little traditional ones helps stop me going crazy from frustration.


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I absolutely love ring TFs.


same x3


she got cute paws but they just a tad to big for her heheh i do love her paw design interesting black lion also


This are is so good I didn't realize it wasn't digital


I'll take the compliment. Thanks :3


Hey, if your computer refuses to work then you can see what happens when it's thrown through one of these rings.

I know, I know... threats don't really work on the inanimate. At least you can do the traditional for stress relief; I know artists who don't know where to begin when their tablet is out for repairs.


so far with these TF's, it appears that the post-ring appearance depends on the user and possibly the dimension that the ring taps into. this one appears positively "anubid" (which would explain the size)

too bad some of us can't draw people, or I'd try one of these myself.


Been a long time since I've seen something so interesting! Interesting style and colors. Expressive face. Interesting to see where such a thing would go if it were a sequence, but great as a solo!

Thanks for making and sharing! Beautiful!


I hate to do this, because it's such a beautiful piece, but I have got to ask what that weird oblong lump is below their chest. Boob? Elbow? Something else? My eyes refuse to make sense of it. I think it's the heavy outline that's doing it.


That was the intent, but it didn't come out well, especially after coloring. If I get the chance, I think I'll redo this one.


Thanks for the quick reply! Sorry it didn't come out well. I still really like it! I don't have even a tenth of the artistic ability you do, so uncertain critique is the best I can do. I hope you get that chance someday!


Hey! You got the chance to redo it, kind-of sort-of. I'm super glad to see it. She's gorgeous, and I adore your style!


i love thistf but also hate ti cause it urks me with the tiny tiny body big paws and then big upper body and tiny tiny lower


If your PC is crashing under even light loads (usually bod says driver) look to your graphics card. If the vrms are over heating it causes undefined driver errors. My 1060 did that till I replaced it.


It was only doing so at the time of the first page. It ended up being the ram sticks. I appreciate the advice, though.


Conceptually and through execution, I find these very interesting. How scary to become so completely different in a way that you have total control and a total lack of control all at once. Of course he can decide how far to press into the ring and how fast, but he can't go back and can't even communicate. It's a beautiful piece.


What do the heiroglyphics say btw?


They say "This is insane..."

Just something simple to show the language change.


the body change still so weird but god she looks beautiful cant wait 2 see next part! keep up the amazing work


nice to see the use of markers on Transfur. also, really enjoy how hot the sphinx girl is