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Last Laugh by Corvidima
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Dug this out of the archives... had every intention of redrawing it, but lost interest. I'll be keeping it under "Scraps" since I'm not happy with it, but I know there are a few that remember it, and comment on having liked it way back when. Good grief... When did I draw this? 2004, I think?
werecheetah WIP by Corvidima
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[WIP] This was from waaaaay back when I asked people to vote (felines won). Gal morphing into a cheetah on the run. It'll have more flowing clothing (and hands...), stuff flying off, etc. It's been quite a challenge, trying to depict a TF in a sculpture!
lutra bw by Corvidima
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B&W version by request
dolphin by Corvidima
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Re-upload - - *waits for the tail/leg debate to start again...*