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cbacteon by Currerbell
12063 views, 48 favorites, 4 comments
The first in the series "Great Transformations in Literature"--Acteon
cbstockbroker by Currerbell
11692 views, 15 favorites, 1 comment
The dull life of a city stockbroker ;-)
cbwolf by Currerbell
11411 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
By the light of the moon...
cbcentaur by Currerbell
10782 views, 14 favorites, 1 comment
Ye olde gallant prince meets with an interesting mishap
cbkitsune by Currerbell
10752 views, 44 favorites, 2 comments
Study for a kitsune-TF sequence I'm working on
hardboiled ear small by Currerbell
10300 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
Part of a sequence I was trying to do, but will probably never finish--a strange woman walks into the offices of one of those hardboiled detective types, wolfing out ensues :-)
cb centaur by Currerbell
10194 views, 23 favorites, 5 comments
Just a centauress, taking a walk :-)
catguy by Currerbell
9206 views, 18 favorites, 1 comment
Random cat guy looking pissed. Some day, I will have socked away the money to go to art school, and then I will learn how to color things properly ;-)
cbagent by Currerbell
8707 views, 33 favorites, 1 comment
An illustration for Nikolai Crumb; Allen Warbanks from his story "The Werewolf's Derma"
cbtigress by Currerbell
7614 views, 22 favorites, 2 comments
A quickie I did. Hmm...guess she can't go to the garden party like this...