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jaguar by Currerbell
19474 views, 90 favorites, 5 comments
Took some classics courses this spring, and was a bit inspired by Euripides' "Bacchae"--Dionysius gives one of his followers a little makeover ;-)
cb goth by Currerbell
18061 views, 82 favorites, 5 comments
Goth girl gets a little more in touch with the dark side. Sorry for the poor scan, I will try to get it cleaned up soon.
cbmare by Currerbell
19652 views, 76 favorites, 2 comments
A horse TF I've had lying around for a while...enjoy! :)
cbsphinx by Currerbell
30514 views, 74 favorites, 2 comments
A young woman visits the altar of a goddess and gets more than she bargained for
mylittlepony by Currerbell
31947 views, 72 favorites, 7 comments
Concept art--a young woman baby-sits the child out of hell, who happens to have magical powers and a penchant for My Little Ponies.
cbdragoness by Currerbell
17032 views, 65 favorites, 2 comments
A woman turning into an Asian dragon (hence the horns).
cbseaweed by Currerbell
24504 views, 56 favorites, 0 comments
What happens when you let the seaweed get out of control...
cbriverreduced by Currerbell
26710 views, 51 favorites, 1 comment
Scene from a story I was thinking of writing: a young knight of the cross encounters an enchanted spring and is changed into a river god from the days of yore.
cbtensiontamer by Currerbell
16534 views, 51 favorites, 4 comments
Kind of a dumb idea but hey...a Celestial Seasonings employee grabs an odd cup of "Tension Tamer" tea (the box w/the dragon on the cover).
cbrusalka by Currerbell
18472 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
A variation on the little mermaid theme, from the opera by Dvorak.