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Rubber Test by Demyxia
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*EDIT* Added a shaded version~ I honestly had no idea what to expect when my assistant hefted in the bucket of crude, oily substance. Quite honestly, I'd expected it to sooner boil flesh than create a new layer of exterior skin, but I suppose this is what science and testing is for. However, this knowledge is very useful, especially when combining it with previous goo incidents in the lab. This will certainly require further study and research. It may be a long night. A recount of a small ...
In't that somethin? by Demyxia
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A brief background is that they are both gods. The smaller, Dimitri, was initially sent to kill Marcus because he's an exiled god. Marcus kicked Dimitri's ass and, being the nice guy that he is, actually nursed Dimitri back to health afterwards since the gods wouldn't take back a failure. Long story short, they fell in love, but in order to protect Dimitri from his own god headhunters, Marcus got him a potion that would alter his physical race. He's still a god, but no one would recognize him...
Fishy Feets by Demyxia
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I don't usually upload stuff like this up here, but I felt it would be okay this time. This is some RP shenanigans where a friend's character is using a special lotion to force the character I was using into his fishy form~
Onom Commission by Demyxia
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Commission for Onom
RolePlay - I'm warning you! by Demyxia
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“I’m… I’m warning you, Jay.” He blushed furiously, but let one of his hands snap and pop, the fingernails growing thick and dark into threatening claws, but he didn’t intend to cause harm. It was more the change itself that he meant to use as a deterrent and already Jayce could feel him pressing down just a little more, pushing the panda just a little further into the cushions of the couch. Zander groaned lowly while soft feathers crawled over his features, dotting his face and spiraling up his...
RolePlay - To be like you by Demyxia
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Part of an RP that hasn't happened yet. Me and Erika were just tossing ideas back and forth and thought up the notion of Alice, the human female that gets together with my Nightmare Drake, Korinth, finds a way to turn into a dragon similar to him. So this is the point where she's finally becoming the same as him and he's excited and all that, helping the change along. <3
No King! No King! by Demyxia
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Something I drew for myself today in stream. Finally got a chance to do some semi normal TF, which is my fave~ Drew a random biker like guy- most likely due to recent GTA V encounters- TFing into some sort of Jackal or Hyena monster~ Enjoy
Gone Swimming - FOREVER by Demyxia
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Commission! Lizard dolphin critter into pooltoy of the opposite gender~
Red Pandamonium by Demyxia
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A small sequence for someone that joined my stream today :)
Squeaky shark by Demyxia
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A sketch commission from someone on FA~