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VRTF by Edthebordercollie
7957 views, 57 favorites, 5 comments
WHOA! COOL, VR! it's sooooooo realistic!
Did I step in something by Edthebordercollie
8287 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
That's a strange name for a b...WTF by Edthebordercollie
8473 views, 47 favorites, 7 comments
Corg TF for RadioactiveToast
suddenly dag by Edthebordercollie
8063 views, 42 favorites, 5 comments
one minute you're a human walking along, and then boom. you're a dog the next.
First Person TF by Edthebordercollie
17630 views, 117 favorites, 4 comments
haven't done one of these in a while.
mmm these are good by Edthebordercollie
7122 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
bernese mountain dog TF for mojak
honey by Edthebordercollie
6282 views, 23 favorites, 3 comments
commission for PheagleAdler
the cave by Edthebordercollie
9308 views, 47 favorites, 7 comments
commission for Nightfirer
Doggy door TF by Edthebordercollie
10235 views, 96 favorites, 13 comments
haven't uploaded here in a while. Request for Diz
party hats by Edthebordercollie
6142 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
is there anything that won't trigger a random TF for Diz? bday gift for DizFoley