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First Person TF by Edthebordercollie
17466 views, 117 favorites, 4 comments
haven't done one of these in a while.
Doggy door TF by Edthebordercollie
10149 views, 96 favorites, 13 comments
haven't uploaded here in a while. Request for Diz
kaiken by Edthebordercollie
8795 views, 71 favorites, 5 comments
wasn't sure how the brindle markings were gonna turn out, not too bad I guess.
Vaccinated by Edthebordercollie
10905 views, 65 favorites, 12 comments
Be careful administering those rabies shots, you just might need a tag for yourself.
Did I step in something by Edthebordercollie
8179 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
Were Collie by Edthebordercollie
7062 views, 56 favorites, 3 comments
What better to protect the flock from werewolves than a were-collie
VRTF by Edthebordercollie
7849 views, 56 favorites, 5 comments
WHOA! COOL, VR! it's sooooooo realistic!
coyote by Edthebordercollie
7847 views, 52 favorites, 1 comment
request from FA
I have a tail? by Edthebordercollie
7678 views, 49 favorites, 4 comments
My character, discovering a new appendage.
Huskytaur by Edthebordercollie
8080 views, 49 favorites, 6 comments
request from FA