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Scientific Progress by Everard
8396 views, 70 favorites, 7 comments
...goes 'squeak'. Was it a side effect of the memory serum, or an unexpected error in the teleportation matrix? Better run the tests again to make sure. Science!
We Three by Everard
15304 views, 63 favorites, 8 comments
A chimera, partly formed. I like to imagine they all started off as a single individual, with all the same memories, only to be shaped by their differing instincts and...positions in the body hierarchy.
Fever by Everard
6574 views, 66 favorites, 1 comment
Fresh from the lab.
Evers by Everard
6891 views, 61 favorites, 3 comments
Happy belated Easter.
ev-hibearnate by Everard
8589 views, 31 favorites, 8 comments
It's a one-note gag, but it gets the job done.
ev-wererabbit by Everard
13979 views, 39 favorites, 6 comments
These aren't the best of scans, I'm sorry. This was the first thing I drew in months, and the first transformation in, oh, must be ages.
ev-perfectman by Everard
23016 views, 45 favorites, 7 comments
Another confusing scenario. Talk amongst yourselves.
ev-catch by Everard
17729 views, 50 favorites, 3 comments
Yeah, I don't get it either. That's one hell of a breeze.
ev-odorant by Everard
18200 views, 78 favorites, 5 comments
I couldn't find the original, so I drew it again. The practice didn't hurt, I know that. I'm pretty rusty, drawing-wise.
ev-centreofattention by Everard
20988 views, 63 favorites, 11 comments
The potential for ridicule. Hi, everybody! I'm new. Long-time lurker, first time contributor. On Transfur, at least.