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HorseRides by Foxx
32701 views, 77 favorites, 1 comment
another horse, another dominated guy transforming in a compromising situation. but there's no theme in my art, or anything.
NightOwl by Foxx
12532 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
nobody does owls very much, either. so here it is: an owl tf. fun. =) I'm rather proud of the fingers interlaced, and the way the feet are shifting to avian feets.
GoHomeTeam by Foxx
22805 views, 150 favorites, 3 comments
the pose came first, then the species, then the cute trigger... I especially like the stretching hand.
Brownkit by Foxx
12533 views, 35 favorites, 1 comment
another request. color penil, marker, pastel and watercolor. fun otter. =)
InDreams by Foxx
15395 views, 66 favorites, 1 comment
now THIS one.. pen, pencil, lead, color pencil, carcoal and marker. yay for mixed media. also lots of work on realistic fabric (which didn't scan too well, I admit). pretty elaborate for just a hyena tf, ain't it? =)
WuffHead by Foxx
9942 views, 70 favorites, 1 comment
a little mini-sequence thingy. fuuuuun. =) my first wuff in forever...
Trickster by Foxx
19127 views, 91 favorites, 0 comments
my first coyote tf!! yaaaayy!! but anyway... took me forever to color the fur just right. I especially like the spirit behind him, was traced on from another sheet in marker... yes, I'm experimenting with even more multi-media stuffs nowadays.
RaccoonEyes by Foxx
7770 views, 37 favorites, 0 comments
yaay! a fun little experiment with perspective. yeah, it's kinda like another image of mine (foxcrawl.jpg), but I much perfer this one. you can pretend the screen is a mirror, if you like. was hard to get the raccoonfur the right color on his arm and leg.
Kicking by Foxx
13692 views, 71 favorites, 2 comments
a fun lil' fox tf. I like the pose - it was a good chance to work with forshortening and perspective *without* a model this time. I'm getting good at this art thing. =)
Birdwatching by Foxx
16472 views, 62 favorites, 0 comments
turned out good, for a girl. ;D she's a prairie falcon, and I'm glad I decided to make her one because the brown of the falcon greatly contrasts her mostly light coloration. so it looks good. yaay. actual falcon colors, too.