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GoodGirl by Foxx
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this was a peice that just simply fell into place. as I recall months ago somebody, I have forgotten whom, requested a collie transformation. this one's for you. now everyone sing along: *whistles Lassie theme song*
HappyCoon by Foxx
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Happy Coon Farms Orange Juice - may have unwanted side effects.
Bat by Foxx
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it was interesting to have to get the brown shades correct on this one... and I'm not too happy about that right (his left) wing. and I have boxers that look just liuke that. like it's a big thing. =)
FossilBed by Foxx
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*mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs* this one I like. it was done, actually, specifically for the tail, in every 'raptor pic I had ever done the tails have been curving as opposed to stiff and erect like we currently believe they were. water added as an afterthought.
Eight by Foxx
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this apparently distrubs the hell out of everyone who's seen it... doesn't bother me much, I think it's kinda cool...
AcornBrand by Foxx
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Acorn Brand Jeans - real. transforming. jeans.
FrinkSoda by Foxx
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all new improved Frink! Soda - with new grape flavour. heheheh..
Roo by Foxx
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a step up from my previous kangaroo attempt.
Crowd by Foxx
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this one was fun. the idea itself was a bit of a send-up of my 'Brazil' picture, I never was happy with the wings in that one... this is a step up from my crow sequence as well, IMO. I'm also rather proud of the way I coloured the feathers...
Training by Foxx
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the 2000 Olympic games were held in Austrialia. here's an Olympic trainer turning into one of those hooded running Austrilian lizards. you know the kind.