Reptiles are my life :D

Ever since I was little, every time I saw a reptile somwhere I got excited. I still remember those episodes in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the dinos :D

My skills are:

Hand drawn images - Such as pencil drawings, inked drawings, comics and misc illustrations in many styles.

3D Graphic design.

2D Graphic - Photoshop photo manipulation, drawings coloring, templates design, website design and other graphical designs.

Vector graphic - Illustration programs such as Flash, Illustrator etc.

If you need a graphic for your website or entire design or whatever, please don't hesitate on contacting me.


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Any image on this archive is for sale if wanted.. .. "If wanted"... Such a big word :P

I am also willing to do personal illustrations if requested :) .. Depends on what was requested of course ;)

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