Livestream Commission: Karen and Procene Meet! by Jakkal

Livestream Commission: Karen and Procene Meet! by

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Last Minute Update: Procene and PR decided to get another image, where the stuff that allows Procene to talk is wearing off. Is there more to come? Well that's up to Procene and Paul Revere!

July Update: Finally, the final images. This sequence is complete! Karen finally found her flowers, and she's starting to change back. She relaxes in the natural hot springs of the area. Procene tries to relax, finds it's rather difficult.

Jun 3 Update: Three more pics. A wild blizzard appears!

May update: Lots of new pics. This is still going on, every Saturday night on the livestream!

March 21th Update: Several new livestream commission pics to add. And more to come, Saturday Night during my livestream session!

Procene and Karen are on a mission now. She needs to go to the mountains where the special flowers are found. They stop her from changing into a horse. And if they don't hurry, she's not going to make it there in time!

Jan 18th Update: Page 6 was added. Poor Procene!


Jan 5th Update: Page 5 was added. Added some text bubbles for pages 3-5.


Dec 28th Edit: The plot thickens!


Edit: As promised, here's the next two pics! We learned tonight that Karen can indeed smile as a horse.


Original Message:

In tonight's livestream session, paulrevere and procene decided to make a little story out of their characters meeting (especially after Karen's swimming session the last time!). Poor Karen is just trying to ignore the bragging, overbearing lizardolphin that thinks everyone should be just like him.

But oh, that's not exactly what fate has in mind (Which already has its grasp on poor Procene! More of the story will be revealed in future streams!

Incidentally this was fun, I like drawing TF stories.


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That is one upset mare.


Generally G-rated shows use mares instead of stallions so as to not show bits ^-^


Oh my! I've been enjoying pictures of these two for quite a while, so I'm excited to see where this goes, especially with you drawing it. Looking forward to future pages!


The horselaugh is the best laugh…. 7@=E


condición es contagiosas?


Hahaha now that was really fun XD It's the horse that will have the last laugh XD


what a revenge :D


Love the gradual changes to Procene's footprints in the sand on Page 3. Nice touch, that.


por eso no es bueno reise.


Humble Rock? Awesome. :D


Ha ha, sucker!


la adoro....


Aaaand, a classic horse joke to wrap it up…7@=e

I love happy endings...


i liked him better as a lizard/dolphin :(


I wondered siempres get clothes.


He can talk, he can talk, he can talk!



oh my lord! its a miracle!


rather it is that she can hear it


Page 12 (18 in this group): Karen's going to have more fur soon, whether she wants it or not. :p

And I was beginning to wonder if the newer images would ever be uploaded...


I love this sequence.


switches from one, to the other, it seems lacking humility runs around and karma gets contagious... probably was still wet too lol


I really love those really slow TFs over several days or months.


They're fascinating. And quite difficult to pull off.


Yes, they're finally up now.

And Karen's speech is finally becoming slurred by her stretching face, and for once, managing to save at least some of her armour.

And the look Procene is giving Karen in Page 15 as her pants fail at the seams? That, may not be good for him should she wake up. ;)


She looks really cute in the newest page. c:


And for once, she didn't go all the way! And thus managed to save some of her clothes, and a good bit of money in the process. ^_^

A happy ending......for Karen. ;-)


we know where that gets flowers, we have Karen temporary solution, see the lack of lizardolphin


Wow, this turned into an impressive series!


p24 with usable hands and a tad more fur would be a perfect final state imo


So… does he get any flowers for himself - or aren't they effective in his case? 7@=Q


Ya that seems like something that needs some resolution, even if its just to say, "Tough luck!"


There not effective in his case, he got cursed by the rock, and shes cursed by her pendant. they tried the flowers already, and they had no effect, that's why shes human again and hes still a horse after the beach scene.


Ah. That does explain why he got stuck like that. Could be worse for him though...


In quefaltas resolution is, until I understood karen solution to help discover his curse, help acambio have SUPPLIES and flowers.


I love her smirk in the 4th panel, looks to me she's glad to see someone else suffer her curse.


Oh my, this one is impressively long! Wonder for how long you plan to continue it.


This is such a great sequence. All of the minute changes Karen goes through during this story, plus the misadventures she and Procene have, make this a sweet read. I love all of their facial expressions.


Glad you enjoyed it !!


This great step tranfomación Ideas demotra talk haser meno mesclarlo Animal listenable sound and words.


Poor Procene, but it should at least avoid any unwanted problems arising if he didn't keep his mouth shut.

And Karen seems to be trying to stretch her current stock out.


Man, I love this series! I hope they do continue it. It is immensely entertaining.


I have never commented on one of these before, but I have to say. I very am impressed by this one. Really enjoyed the sequences and story behind it. Great work Jakkal! Paul Revere and Procene, please keep this one going, I'd really like to see how this one plays out.


Your wish is granted ;)


So: wonder what Procene's cure may be (if there is one - heh heh heh)...7@=Q

One detail that comes to mind, though: why doesn't she get some specimens / cuttings / whatever of these flowers, and start her own plantation - or sow them wherever she goes?


To get the permanent cure for her condition she needs to find the Mage who originally placed the spell on the necklace, Problem is hse has no idea who or where they are. So she travels around searching for any word of them. Its hard to grow plants when all your possessions are carried around with ya.