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Victoria Lost by Juanvaldez
46392 views, 247 favorites, 12 comments
Victorias first transformation. Shes from a comic that never came to light, but neat non the less.
Crayz by Juanvaldez
53368 views, 110 favorites, 8 comments
A few people asked me to post this. New comic pages coming BTW.
Hello Kitty CS by Juanvaldez
36030 views, 278 favorites, 10 comments
Watch out for those nasty import trinkets. (Now in color)
STF c by Juanvaldez
82384 views, 144 favorites, 16 comments
Get the title? Ah well, I may just move it to sketches.
The Need c by Juanvaldez
44748 views, 196 favorites, 12 comments
I have always imagined that it would be cool if we have counterparts in another universe. What if they swapped?
Jag Pasture by Juanvaldez
46710 views, 228 favorites, 22 comments
I still cant help myself...
Gone very wrong by Juanvaldez
45810 views, 92 favorites, 16 comments
Halloween comes early... too early.
Sick Censored CT by Juanvaldez
40442 views, 65 favorites, 22 comments
I could not help it, The only way I figure to get this off my mind is to put it out there.
LAB dRED by Juanvaldez
44620 views, 87 favorites, 3 comments
Bi-Product of the LAB.
Nefratiti by Juanvaldez
47184 views, 169 favorites, 9 comments
After a rude awakening and a painful transformation, the Queen lurkes the halls in search of new followers.