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[Comm] Just Open by K-Libra
10611 views, 76 favorites, 3 comments
Stream commission for Mr.Nibz. She was handed this odd artifact at a party and was oddly compelled to try and open it. The feeling spreading throughout her body, her hands swelling into massive paws and her clothes giving up. None of that mattered. Just open the box.
Still Can't Believe It by K-Libra
10496 views, 46 favorites, 14 comments
Another sketchy request fulfilled for Nolhyaa on Deviant Art. Yes, it's all messy and sketchy and none of the lines are clean and they're WHITE, and so many imperfections! Oh, the gut-wrenching shame! (Basic edit for easier viewing. I suppose it was too much.)
More Volunteering by K-Libra
10402 views, 72 favorites, 2 comments
For Nolhyaa. I don't think I've ever done simple flat colors for something before. I figured this would be a good time to try it. More practice with some new methods. There's nothing quite like her desire to be changed and consequentially it challenges my abilities as a fleshcrafter. A sigil, a word, a touch, and a new idea converge to make her anew.
Suddenly... by K-Libra
10365 views, 63 favorites, 10 comments
Usually she's in control of herself, but this time she was blindsided. This caused her here changes to be chaotic and hard to balance. Not to mention the discomfort it creates because she has to force the rest of herself to catch up. Plus, she only had time to take off her shoes before she couldn't do anything but be overwhelmed. Something spontaneous. I don't make it apparent, but I do love dragons and dragon transformations.
[Comm] Combat Karen by K-Libra
4 images, 10340 views, 53 favorites, 3 comments
A sketch commission sequence for @PaulRevere. I wanted to cover something none of his commissions have as far as her and her transformations go. That's when I realized that she's never been shown in combat. Fighting while transforming. That's something you don't see every other blue moon.
K-SUIT Trial: Nolhyaa by K-Libra
10138 views, 50 favorites, 2 comments
For more information on K-SUITs, please reference the specs sheet found here: http://www.transfur.com/Users/K-Libra/Submissions/21651 Done with permission by Nolhyaa More disclosed information on early trials.
Drawing out the Monster by K-Libra
10052 views, 56 favorites, 2 comments
Part of a trade with Nolhyaa. Simple touches to create something... unique.
Adjusting by K-Libra
9817 views, 23 favorites, 1 comment
Because in a new environment one should ready themselves appropriately. I've had frog girls on the brain and this one became a transformation image in the end.
Not on Camera, Please by K-Libra
9813 views, 45 favorites, 2 comments
A little something for Caturnalia It was just some night where she was talking about her character on a video call. She got really in-depth and it was really fascinating, but it got out of control when her breath went ragged and her hands tensed. Her fingers began to lock and her grimace became so oddly distorted. I couldn't believe that I was watching someone on camera while they actually...
Human Face to Avian Animation Attempt by K-Libra
9700 views, 41 favorites, 6 comments
Something I won't keep in scraps since it's not as muddy as the first. Attempt number 2 at animating transformation.