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[Comm] Another First by K-Libra
7541 views, 58 favorites, 1 comment
Speedpaint commission for BlueDraconicKnight: of his character Valia transforming into her beastly form. For once, she welcomed her transformation and wanted more.
Went Wrong Somehow by K-Libra
7074 views, 28 favorites, 1 comment
A request I took for SandyN's character, Sandy. Being a shapeshifter that's lost touch with her original form, she has to use spells to make herself human to blend into a crowd. In this instance something went wrong and she's caught off guard by her uncomfortable transition back.
[Comm] K-SUIT for Veles by K-Libra
6959 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Dragonrider55 on Fur Affinity Making fantasy a poor substitute for reality with his K-Suit.
Xeno Transformation Quickie by K-Libra
6847 views, 24 favorites, 7 comments
Did this in like... 20 minutes or so? Was talking on skype and the talk of eyes being stretched out of existence made me wanna try it. First time I ever drew anything to do with a xenomorph... but it happened. Was fun.
[Comm] Go-RRRRNNNNUUUUH, Team! - by K-Libra by K-Libra
6823 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
Sketch commission for MasterShake3 on FA of a woman joining the Hershey Bears. Oh yea, she's having a great time for sure.~
[Comm] These Clothes are Uncomfortable by K-Libra
6793 views, 41 favorites, 0 comments
Stream sketch commission for AgentCypher on FA. You can see him here transforming into a rat. Never mind the shifting flesh, those socks are getting pretty annoying!
[Comm] Experimental Organic Corruption Recombination Ray by K-Libra
6584 views, 15 favorites, 2 comments
Sketch commission for Siggy in collaboration with Pyke for the idea to try this. Yes... this happened. A rocket shark.
Sometimes by K-Libra
6238 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
A belated birthday gift for BlueDraconicKnight Sometimes you just can't be that friendly person. Sometimes you can't just keep taking flak.
[Comm] East Beasting by K-Libra
6075 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
Sketch commission for SlinkyDragon on FA of a man growing out his eastern dragon muzzle... and other stuff too. He only stands completely upright for now despite his fright because of his incredibly tense and growing musculature. He'll be thrashing in no time in light of the changes, I'm sure.
[Comm] Experiment 03-514 by K-Libra
6066 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Siggy. Different approach for biomech conduction and augmentation. Designated hangar surfaces would incite and control the changes as necessary. This concept may at least save space and make further testing and use more dynamic.