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K-Suit Specs by K-Libra
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Would you wear one?
Granted by K-Libra
12246 views, 106 favorites, 8 comments
A request for Nolhyaa where she's molded into a wyvern version of her dragon self by me.
[Comm] Curious Reading by K-Libra
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Sketch commission for Spacix of a lady starting her transition into becoming a lovely shiba inu. Looks like she found one of these really interesting stories online. She's never known about that transformation community stuff until now and she's so into it she's almost ignoring herself. Pretty soon she'll give into the whole ordeal.
[Comm] Paint that Last Toenail and... by K-Libra
16638 views, 96 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for Expo on DA and FA Unmarked nail paint at a store doesn't seem like a very big deal. Maybe some dope just peeled the label off. Man, that'd be much simpler if it was. She gets to be pretty anyway, though. That kind of pretty mare type of pretty.
So Bored by K-Libra
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I did hand studies and hated it... but I did it. So here's something with a hand theme for fun. It was an idea that was given to me whimsically. A girl in class decides to entertain herself.
Surge by K-Libra
11074 views, 83 favorites, 3 comments
Decided to fulfill another request for Nolhyaa. In this she's becoming a kestrel falcon. Hard to capture that kestrel falcon look in this stage, but I tried. It's just another day until a column of light engulfs this young lady with grand designs of reshaping her being.
Starting with the Head by K-Libra
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Decided to fulfill another request for Nolhyaa. The surges brought her to the ground quickly and no sooner when she hit the floor did she feel her face begin to push outward. He nose flattening and her nostrils flaring caused her glasses to begin rest awkwardly. Horns began to sprout from her hairline and her ears deformed all at once, pulling out and upward as a protrusion sprang froth from the tip. Her neck was tensing as well and it began to elongate while her chest began barreling and exp...
[Comm] Just Open by K-Libra
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Stream commission for Mr.Nibz. She was handed this odd artifact at a party and was oddly compelled to try and open it. The feeling spreading throughout her body, her hands swelling into massive paws and her clothes giving up. None of that mattered. Just open the box.
More Volunteering by K-Libra
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For Nolhyaa. I don't think I've ever done simple flat colors for something before. I figured this would be a good time to try it. More practice with some new methods. There's nothing quite like her desire to be changed and consequentially it challenges my abilities as a fleshcrafter. A sigil, a word, a touch, and a new idea converge to make her anew.
K-SUIT Trials: Cataena by K-Libra
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For more information on K-SUITs, please reference the specs sheet found here: http://www.transfur.com/Users/K-Libra/Submissions/21651 Done with permission by Cataena More disclosed information on early trials.