Alpha Luna 2nd TF Sequence by Loboleo

Alpha Luna 2nd TF Sequence by

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Ripped Clothing

I wanted to share a portion of my comic "Alpha Luna", her second tf in the storyline, I'll be adding more of the sequence as it progress. You can see more of the story at


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En no espera uno tan pronto, sigues sin terminas secuencias a medias. esto es buenos pases seguid por aque. aun que sé que pensar. suerte.


¿qué capitulo es? deje de leer en el cuando comensabas el segundo capitulo. Sólo espero esta secuencias si la termines. serias la terseras me dejas picado dentro de paginas. ¿?por que no subes la porta de ¿fang fatal? verción capcom street fight.


Hey Leo, got some more time to draw?

Last time i visited alphaluna it looked like u quit4ever :(

Will look ur website again maybe ;)


Hablas español? Por que tu lenguage es muy extraño, si tu primera lengua es el inglés, escríbelo por que me será más fácil entender.

This is not just a sequence, it's a part of the comic that I've been drawing lately an I'll finish. Other sequences like Rina are not that important for me at the momment.


En realidad si español solo ortografias es atros. Sólo saber en que capitulo vas. y unica que jas es tiene dos secuencias incopletas en este sitios quisieras verlas terminadas.


don't worry some people are still reading your comic constantly. Despite some serious hiatus back then. Still it's great and your wolf-tf's rock ass.


I think you make THE BEST werewolf transformation sequences EVER!! :-D

I am a HUGE fan of your splendid artwork of werewolf transformations. :-)


Good stuff


Mori I take it you haven't seen the site lately?


Lobo, you're too darn awesome. Luna's so beautiful when she's changing. :)


This is epic.


WOW! it looks like she's in a lot of pain...I kind of feel bad for her


Bad ass, you do some great tf sequences :D


hg3300 I know it from the sequence where criminal break into Lunas and her mothers house. She transforms and kill the criminals.

I dont know why this is not in the comic?




Mori Actually this is her second transformation. LoboLeo has started updating the comic again and this is about where the comic is currently at.



I speak about

Its not the same Artist?


Chapter 1


It is, but his comic is here:


Mori the DA site it's just a gallery, not the main site for my comic. Yes, the 1 st chapter is there, but on the site is 2 chapters ahead and updates every week.


Mori well I'm glad we found where the confusion was coming from. Yes Lobo has started updating again, but on the main site for his comic, ;) There's actually 4 chapters and he's working on the fourth one.


I was confused because there was different websites and Alfaluna / Alphaluna.

But im happy to see u back Leo...hope ur live goes up now.


tenfokukutiw is saying In not expect one so soon, you still end up half sequences. this is good passes by Aque follow. even know what to think. luck.


Just a quick note to inform Im posting only tf pages of this sequence (and skipping those with story plot) and I'll updating here just a week later than my site :)


Your art is epic, as mori said it did seem like you'd disapeared completely so it's good to see some activity from you, now if only hazard would come back or bones eh?


Loboleo you suprise me all the time with your wonderfull tf's of Luna ^^ good work!


Se ve bien pero vas algo lento ¿no? no importa, seria padres ver la tramfoma del gato...


How long does the whole transformation take in real time?


Too long?

Long enough for dramatic impact?


Well, it's a good transformation sequence despite that quirk so I'll leave it on a positive note.


Gus1 I think he is being graphic because it makes the comic more gritty and easier to connect with. It also gives the imagination something to latch onto and move forward with.

The other thing is that comics seldom focus upon one thing, they have a myriad of stories to tell and they have to hit upon all of them in order to keep things moving. The transformation sequence is just one aspect of the story that he's telling. If it seems drawn out, it is because it takes you that long to read it and it takes that long for him to tell it.

It still is a good story and TF seq


hubiera sido buena ideas poner las esenas del werw cat previas a la 30 si exiten. sin este luna en estas.

hases secuencias tf. masntenido el suspenso pero podras repetir esto denuevo para la terceras. mi me gutan pero hase vuelva lenta la narativas cada dos capitulo hase afectas la narativas. no se bueno sino alentas la historias cuando en esena accion.


se me olvido pero me facinado esena comberción boca en osico.

mota: cuando terminas las otras secuencias aqui incombletas


Actually, the detail I liked what the cracked "Me" Word-bubble at the end of her muzzle growth panel... reminded me of an older gimmick I saw in a game. In it, a percentage meter determined how close you were to transforming into a full dragon, and losing control of yourself (aka game over)... a representation of the dragon would grow inside the meter, and when it hit 100%, would shatter the bar, and you would transform, end of game. *But* if you keep good control of it (aka not using too many draconic powers and staying under 100% til the end) then in the final battle, when you *have* to use those powers to survive... it hits 100%... and cracks...and cracks...and cracks... But never shatters, despite supercharging into the hundreds of percents... showing your character's raw resolve to keep it's inner beast under control... I somehow imagine Luna will have a similar scenareo, where despite raw power, her greatest foe will be her inner beast. It will be interesting to see how it goes!


Oh, and as for her transformation taking time... I am inciting the trope rule "Transformations are a free action"... Anyone who's played D&D will understand, but it basically means than when you are writing and convulsing into a snarly beast thing, everyone else is supposed to take a time-out and wait for it to finish... usually staring at the tf-ee in a stupor is standard practice. I wonder how often they (media in general) have depicted a person using a little sense and putting a bullet through that growing muzzle? hm.;).. then again... a counter would be the transformation just hyper-heals damage. ah, tf tropes... so fun.;)


listen to 'animal i have become' while viewing this. it definitely suits this!


She looks so badass in frame 12 after the transformation is over (I think). Also, SeaCigar, do yo remember the name of the game you were talking about? It sounds really cool.


Yes, the Transformation is over with page 12 (the full shot) There won't be more updates to this sequence anymore.

Sorry if I didn't reply Seacigar about your comment but most of rpg stuff just go and flies pass over my head. But thanks for commenting ^_^


But the story continues if anyone want to read the story at the site ;) (


Well that's just damn fine


Esta bien chingo el trabajo. Como secuencias mejor que la anterior. Sólo molestas que esena final que muestra a luna sea pagina la 37. devria checar la completas, ademas debo reponder correo. Solo espero que la siguientes no tan sean extensa. leeido basado completamete en tf. en comparación te falta dinamismo la intecalación te ayuda mucho, pero creo te funcine hase tan larga denuevo.pese las sean chingonas por descracia Sólo algunas memorables para la cantidadde paginas husas. 3 pagina en promedio de 10 (esta vez doces).Espero algun dái dar checada tu trabajo.


Se me olvido ya es categoria alfa lunas, no estaria mal subiera la primera tranfomación. su pongo no yevarte mucho tiempo.


nota... definitamente lla no son textura planas los primero vi de tus lobos.


Ironphoenix: The name of the game is called Breath of fire:Dragon quarter. My only gripe for it, is that your draconic form looks like something from tron (circuit-lined body, sharp, polygonal features, etc.) and not really a dragon at all, which is bizarre, considering the dragon you fully transform into looks like a regular dragon. *shrug* still, if you try it, I hope you like it:)


Thanks, I'll check it out


Ah the full TF is here. And I see you used enough random pages fromt eh comic to do it to. Nice.


Yo esperado siguiente la primeras. Tf. quiero ver aqui la primeras tanformación y los viejos comic tf tenias aqui, como el gift


¿?combiates el diseño?