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Open for new commissions

I’m available for all types of artistic works. To order you need to contact me using deviantART note system. Before ordering me, please read this.

Step #1

Decide on what you want to get. Try to describe it as much as you can. Send me a note or e-mail containing all the information. After sending me information please wait for my reply.

Step #2

When you will get reply I will state if accepted or not the commission. I pretty much accept anything except things that may be illegal in your or mine country. When I will confirm your order I will provide you with payment information.

Step #3

As soon as I will receive payment I will start working on the piece. I will add you to queue. Normally work should take around 2 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity it. As soon as I will finish by default I will post the work on deviantART and FurAffinity. If you don’t want work to be publicly available please note this during order phase.

Things to note:

I accept PayPal payments, please send them using this format “Commission _yournickname” or “Commission _youremail”

-I accept payments in $, €, PLN.

-Doing works on first-come, first-served basis. No limit on how much can one person order.

-I won’t draw anything that’s illegal (for example CP), don’t even try to ask for this.

-You can request for the work to be private – I will not post it on deviantART of FurAffinity.

-You can request work to be live streamed on picarto. It may extend waiting time.

Work types:

Single - Single piece of art containing single character of your choice. It can be your OC, you can order an fan-art or I can draw you. This image can be also post-transformation or mid-transformation art. Character can be posed any way you want. You can request work to be provided on transparency – by default simple background will be added.

Sketch - from 12$ to about 18$

Flat Color - from 23$ to about 35$

Shaded Color - from 38$ to about 50$

Bust up - 75% of price

Additional character – 80% of base price

Sequence - Sequence is series of images that show transformation process. It can be traditional transformation, transgender or anything else like inanimate or body changes (breast growth or etc.). Length of sequence has been standardised to 3 images, if you want it to be more detailed each additional step will cost bonus. You can decide on trigger of transformation – I’m okay with technology, magic or anything else. You can also decide if characters clothes change as well or do they drop to the ground (for example in small animals transformations). Sequence can’t have any dialogue.

Sketch - 25,00$ (3 steps)

Additional step - 8$

Flat Color - 35,00$ (3 steps)

Additional step - 11$

Shaded Color - 45,00$ (3 steps)

Additional step - 13$

Additional character – 80% of base price

Additional character additional step – 100% of base price

Bust up - 75% of price

Comic - Longer than transformation sequences comic pages come with story, dialogues and more characters by default. If you are looking for something really complex and action packaged comic pages are your best choice. Minimum order is two pages. Depending on story and scenario pages can range from 3 to 8 panels.

Sketch 30$

Flat Color 40$

Shaded Color 50$

Avatars - Square images for use on forums and other sites. I will provide you with avatar sized for your needs. For deviantART standard 50x50px, for other sites with size that you will request.

Flat Color 5$

Flat Color Animated 15$

Character reference sheet - It's type of work which introduces your character to others. It consists from back and front full body shot + some important details zoomed in (if included) + character bio. Making reference is useful for commissioning works from artists - you keep everything about your OC in one place!

Flat Color 50$

Shaded Color 75$

Creating a design from scratch - 50$