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PWYW Commission - Don't climb the Koala Tree! by MageOmega
9879 views, 58 favorites, 0 comments
A PWYW commission for nothere3 on one of my streams of a gal turning into a cute Koala. Dem handfeet!
EvasiveChanges by MageOmega
13307 views, 58 favorites, 3 comments
Dunno why, but I like to draw TF situations where people are oblivious to their changes until its too late...Also, Im a sucker for Tigers =D
lioness by MageOmega
12230 views, 56 favorites, 0 comments
More play on the muzzles and facial expressions..also now inked!
Commission - Tome of Theriae by MageOmega
4342 views, 55 favorites, 2 comments
Im curious to hear news on the Transfur redesign.
MelodyOwlTF by MageOmega
14295 views, 51 favorites, 0 comments
A request from a kiriban winner on my DeviantArt page. This is Arrow Quivershaft's character Melody shifting for her first time into her wereform - a wereowl! The character Melody is copyright ArrowQuivershaft
Moo Cow Cocktail by MageOmega
10279 views, 51 favorites, 2 comments
Be careful about trying out new mixed drinks at bars you don't usually go to, sometimes the bartenders like to be mischievous! (I still have a lot to learn about how to color with prismacolors...and backgrounds....and inking...and Anatomy..)
Dont mess with TF guns by MageOmega
17771 views, 45 favorites, 11 comments
The ditzy girlfriend of a scientist finds out the hard way not to touch other people's stuff unsupervised!
AxeoftheBeast by MageOmega
16437 views, 41 favorites, 8 comments
So My first attempt with coloring with Colored Pencils was less than Stellar..So I tried coloring it again on a copy with Prismacolor Markers..MUCH BETTER IMO.. Anywho, Go to my DA for the story accompanying the picture!(The link is in my profile)
professor-slug-girl by MageOmega
15781 views, 21 favorites, 3 comments
A clumsy scientist does some testing without following the safety precautions she should have. Her associates always called her "clumsy with her hands," Now they wont need to worry anymore, as she doesn't have any!