DeeSeqpre by Maska

DeeSeqpre by

Date: 8/23/2006 Views: 13940 Favorites: 33 Comments: 4

NOT DONE YET! This was just a little idea I had in my head preventing me from getting any serious work done. Girl into doedicurus.


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This is simply adorable. I'm a sucker for shelled mammals and reptiles, and they always seem kind of cute to me - especially short-limbed or chubby. This was something to really smile about after work today. :) Is it just me, or is she thumbless by the end? (Opposable digits are for chumps and servants!)


She's thumbless. It's not like thumbs would do her any good like how she ends up.


Ehehe, this one makes me laugh. And that's rather hard to do. Most times something will just make me smile. :D


The last panel made me laugh so hard!