Subject To Change: Turtle Fan by PickleJuice

Subject To Change: Turtle Fan by

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Here's another chapter in the "Subject To Change" saga. He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!"And here’s the end of “Turtle Fan” as I originally presented it in my webcomic Subject To Change! He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!"

(Yes, I know they're displaying out of order, but fixing it would involve downloading, renaming, and reuploading all 28. When you save them they should dispaly in order on your comptuer)

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Hi picklejuice. Is your website working? I've been trying to access it for over a month but I can't seem to get on.


I've managed to access it, but it has been incredibly slow to load.


Really? I get a http error 403 when I try to access it or the galleries.


That's… very weird. As far as is concerned, the website is down for everyone. It's strange that I've been able to access the galleries at all. Just using Safari, no bells and whistles.


It's working, but like Canton says it's slow. I'm hosting it myself on my own computer. I'm looking to migrate it to a "proper" server at some point.

Until then, a lot of subjecttochange is up at


heh. I am just imagining the kid chugging ooze he found near a couple of other nearby turtles... though it would take a rather naive and derpy kid to chug random glowing goo.

On second thought, I broke my tailbone as a child because I tried mimicking Mario's "Butt Stomp" trick... so maybe its pretty feasible *shrugs and blushes*


were you doing aforementioned butt stomp on a person because if so you receive a platinum star


*chuckles* nah, no star for me, platinum star or power star... Admittedly, I think more damage would have been done to my victim than to me if I had... and I might have felt a lot less dumb. :p


I dunno, he seems pretty naive and derpy to me.

I mean really, who encounters a floating pink thing and automatically assumes it's an alien? And who starts turning into a ninja turtle from a TV show without starting to question the reality of their existence?

Kid seems pretty derpy to me, possibly autistic.


*chuckles*It seems I was accidentally logged into my room mate's account somehow. ah well.


Didn't this one already appear on transfur months ago and still looks the same?


If so, it was taken down for some reason and I never marked it as "do not upload to transfur."

There are 6 different image archives I upload to, and although transfur is very special to me, I still get confused sometimes. v.v


Well atleast you take it fun and seriously (And keeping it PG-Safe for more to see. :D ).


Probably got taken down because the character bears too much similarity to one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but... Eh, I think it's original enough.


Awesome I wove tutles


I like turtles, just not that much.


I want to see more!


More when?


i think the pages got a little messed up... (the beginning). Its still great!


dude you may have to remove this transfur has a policy against copyright characters and tmnt is copyright



He's a TMNT fan, but he's not TFing into a TMNT (R)(C)(TM). He's transforming into a teenage ninja turtle. Ninjas are public domain. Turtles are public domain. He's not even wearing a TMNT mask - he just has a headband. I would disagree that it's violating anything, but if the powers that be decide otherwise, I would mark this as "DO NOT UPLOAD TO TRANSFUR" so if I ever get the urge to upload it again in the future, I won't.


Wow I love it

Ps from brandonashalintubbi at deviantART


I love it but i think the pages are in the wrong order... lol