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Meouchwip by Silverhyena
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There's a story to come with the completed image, this is just a work in progress. On a side note, I really hope that SOME of you are happy now. I removed For Giggles and Grins because sadly, there are some people that lurk about that have no imagination. For those of you that enjoyed it, you can find it here, And for the rest of you, there, it's a spelled out, honest to God, TRANSFORMATION!!!
Badgirl by Silverhyena
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From a bad girl to a bad dog. And to think, she thought explaining the designer super skinny jeans, skimpy top, and new ear pircings would be difficult to explain to her parents. Try explaining that spike collar and cigarette that weirdo in the mask gave you, why don'tcha? Bad girl here has transformed into an anthro doberman. I adore dobermans, they're one of my favorite dogs.
orctowarg by Silverhyena
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A captive, restrained orc soon to be werewarg. Dr. Knarks and Nasher also make their camio.
KingoftheLycanssketch by Silverhyena
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A mighty Lycan transforms in the light of a full moon. With his great staff and ravenwing medallion, he is king in his own right.This is part of a project I'm working on. I'm going to color in this sketch two ways. One of them will be done with micron pens and color pencils, the other will be done digitally.
Tammy by Silverhyena
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Alright, I'm sorry I have not updated in what may seem like forever, but I've been rather busy and distracted. This is my last year of high school, I'm learning to drive, hooked on Neopets once more, and I've been drawing more non-transformation art (That I've been too lazy to scan in and put up on Artspots.) Any way, this here is Tammy Silverclaw, the substance abusing, vampire slaying, mentally insane werewolf. I figured since I've been so lazy, I'd treat you nice people to a sequence. Enjoy!
dontsmoke by Silverhyena
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Alright, let this be a lesson. Don't smoke. Smoking is bad for you. You could turn into a mutant hyena if you're not careful.
lycanfemmie by Silverhyena
4252 views, 41 favorites, 3 comments
I was going for another pinup design with this. I'll color it, eventualy.
Shwashbuckler by Silverhyena
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Just something that popped in there. A werewolf shwashbuckler. Once he pulls out the raiper, his inner beast and charm is unleashed.
Fluffy by Silverhyena
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I was kind of going for a pin up look. I think she's cute. Werewolves aren't always blood thirsty monsers you know. I will color this someday, just don't hold your breath.
playfullwere by Silverhyena
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See? Even werewolves like to play with tennis balls. Of course, this tennis ball may be the reason this guy is a werewolf in the first place. One of my werewolf card designs. When will I color it? No idea...