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wolifsketch by Silverhyena
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Here's another werewolf sketch. Inspired by what, I'm not exactly sure. But I'm gorking on a whole bunch of smaller werewolf drawings to put on greeting cards. I have no idea when I'll get around to that, with school and other temptations. *looks at gaming consol*
werepuppy by Silverhyena
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Okay, some of you have probably been waiting for me to do this. Something so terrifing, so vicious,...a werepuppy! Okay, I'm done...he is far to cute and fluffy to be scary.
howling by Silverhyena
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This is just a simple sketch I did because I was board...yay werewolves! Dang I have not updated in too long...
werewolifsketch by Silverhyena
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Just a random sketch I did when I was bored, nothing much really. Just don't sit in a circle of rocks on the night of a full moon, unless you want to become a werewolf that is...
huskykick by Silverhyena
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Alright, I did this as a bit of a joke. Someone comented on my other husky transformation pic and asked if he was going to kick Nasher. He wasn't, but then this came to mind. Just a quick, silly doodle I did while watching TV. What's the number one thing to do after a mad scientist has turned you into a werehusky? Kick his stupid pet were rat of course!
Garnatohyena by Silverhyena
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Well, I desided to do my AD&D character Garna transforming into an anthromorphic hyena after smoking some...catnip. I know, it may sound odd, but Garna is...odd. She's a schizophrenic halfling thief who enjoys stealing, cooking, emeralds, crowbars, knives, and exparementing with catnip and coffee. Garna is terrified of brusslesprouts, believing them to be the seeds of demons.
husky by Silverhyena
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Well, I was watching It's Me or the Dog a few days ago and I doodled this down in the meantime. There was a very pretty husky on there, so I felt like doing a husky transformation. And there's I think Dr.Knarks is turning house pets into monsters now. I'm gonna have to have a chat with him, he's going to far.
Silvertodragon by Silverhyena
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I really wanted to draw my fursuna, SilverHyena shifting into a dragon. Being a gamer girl, I though it would be appropriate for Silver to roll some dice. There's a D20 (twenty sided die), a D4 (the pyrimid shaped die), and a D6 (six sided die). I've always loved dragons, ever since I was a little girl. This was a really fun sketch to draw, many of my hobbies and two of my favorite animals rolled into one.
Griffontrans by Silverhyena
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Just a quick sketch I did. Some poor girl is transforming into a griffon.
Nasherc by Silverhyena
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Here's Nasher with color. I still have to so some shading, highlights and the like. I'm just being a slug when it comes to getting my colored works done.