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werebadger by Silverhyena
6448 views, 26 favorites, 12 comments
I felt like doing an animal I've not seen alot of, a werebadger. Just a doodle I did while in the car.
silvertrans by Silverhyena
3 images, 10833 views, 72 favorites, 25 comments
Well, here's just a few little doodles of myself transforming into my fursuna, SilverHyena. I've been meening to do this for quite some time.
Nashersketch by Silverhyena
4406 views, 18 favorites, 7 comments
This is Nasher, Dr.Knarks's pet wererat. Nasher was one of Dr.Knarks's mental patients that he mutated with injections and transformed the patient into an insane wererat. This is just a rough sketch I did on MS paint with my tablet, I'm going to color it eventualy.
werepolarbearsketch by Silverhyena
5804 views, 44 favorites, 13 comments
Well, I noticed that there were not alot of polar bears here on Transfur, and that made me sad, so I desided to do a were polar bear. This one was alot of fun, I'm thinking about doing a color version of it in PSP9. But for now it's just a rough sketch. And I guess watching The Golden Compass one to many times made me want to draw a polar bear in particular...
WerewolfTshirtdesignsketc by Silverhyena
5601 views, 29 favorites, 10 comments
Well, this was just a little something I sketched down today. A werewolf holding a plush toy, how cute right? Well, not exactly, that toy is cursed, it's the whole reason this guy is now a werewolf. But whoever touched the stuffed toy is also cursed with delusion, thinking that it brings them good fortiune...WRONG!! Anyway, I'm eventualy going to do a color version of this one for a T-shirt design, and if you all could give me some feedback I'd really appreciate it. Okay, I've completed the colo...
firsttransformation by Silverhyena
5382 views, 61 favorites, 5 comments
A young teenage girl shifts into a werehyena for the first time. Maybe she was bitten by a hyena, maybe it was some curse or perhaps the phases of the moon. No one can really know for sure. I'm also working on a color version of this one, so keep an eye out.
genderbender by Silverhyena
7613 views, 73 favorites, 7 comments
An anthromorphic female griffin shifts into a quad griffin while at the same time turning from female to male...scary?
straitjacket by Silverhyena
5558 views, 43 favorites, 6 comments
An asylum inmate shifts into his werewolf form while confined in a strait jacket. This one was alot of fun to draw. I might try doing some more like this one in the future.