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Punk Woodpecker Socks by Skychaser
6475 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
Tennis match by Skychaser
10430 views, 66 favorites, 3 comments
So this is how the conversation went one day: "I had a dream about chasing tennis balls." "Does that mean it was a wolf dream?" "No that would be more of a dog dream." "Oh I see, so next time you see a tennis ball you going to go fetch for it?" "Only if you turn into a dog."
Chocolate Lamb by Skychaser
12240 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Week old stale chocolate eggs from Easter can sometimes turn into a sweet surprise. For the artist challenge.
Kangaroo by Skychaser
12249 views, 46 favorites, 7 comments
"Learn this one old trick that made me a better kangaroo". Challenge submission.
Grandma’s secret receipe by Skychaser
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Grandma always told me that the secret to her world famous stew was to get locally grown organic carrots. Originally done for the Transfur donation drive.
Catdude by Skychaser
7995 views, 11 favorites, 3 comments
Having heard that the latest craze was to dye your hair with stripes, Tom rushed out to purchase a dye kit. He didn't bother to research or care what brand as long as it was cheap. When said and done the change looked good but then he noticed there were some side effects.
taurified by Skychaser
18595 views, 87 favorites, 7 comments
Never fails, go for a nice walk in the woods, turn into a centaur. Side Note: the background image is one of my own photos.
cubscouti by Skychaser
12488 views, 38 favorites, 1 comment
Art challenge #7: "This year at camp I learned what it was like to be a true cub scout"
smellyi by Skychaser
14750 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
Art challenge #7: "What I learned during my summer vacation: that skunk spray doesn't always wash off"
grimlionc by Skychaser
12795 views, 53 favorites, 5 comments
"Now the lion was an enchanted Prince, who was a lion by day, and all his followers were lions too; but by night they resumed their human form." - Grimm's Fairy Tales: The Lady and the Lion