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grimpoodlec by Skychaser
13456 views, 44 favorites, 7 comments
"Now hear your sentence. You shall be turned into a black poodle, with a gold chain round your neck, and you shall be made to eat live coals, so that flames of fire may come out of your mouth." Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Pink
humpalicious by Skychaser
17166 views, 41 favorites, 6 comments
Art challenge #4 the dialog would be "Honey does this make my butt look to big" response "Of course not, it makes you look humpalicious!"
puppychowc by Skychaser
26826 views, 118 favorites, 8 comments
For the artist challenge, he's turning into a husky
littletf by Skychaser
9110 views, 13 favorites, 7 comments
Fear the cute bug as it can be contagious - Reuploaded
SchoolGirl by Skychaser
14340 views, 37 favorites, 10 comments
Anime school girl transformation
ladydragonmorph by Skychaser
16451 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Late night drawing just to get my mind off things
morphmagic by Skychaser
21265 views, 35 favorites, 1 comment
while sleeping in the forest a madian gets transformed by the magic of the creator into a rabbit...yes I know another rabbit
spiked by Skychaser
13458 views, 23 favorites, 1 comment
Looks like someone spiked the punch and everyone is gone to the rabbits that is in transforming wise
rabbitmirror by Skychaser
12451 views, 14 favorites, 1 comment
Jump through the looking glass and you might just transform into something you didn't expect.
wishingwellc by Skychaser
25414 views, 111 favorites, 2 comments
Deep in the woods a young lad comes upon a well where he drops a coin in and wishes all his might that his dreams of dragons to come alive...little did he know that he would become one.