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pangirlin by Terrifel
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Legend tells of a magical mandolin/ That can transform you into a pangolin. /If you fail to beware, / You'll grow scales in your hair, / And soon by your tail you'll be dangolin'.
girlatee by Terrifel
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Every time a manatee is mistaken for a mermaid by a deluded lonely sailor, somewhere else in the world a young woman is transformed into a manatee, in accordance with the Principle of Sirenian Conservation.
wufguy by Terrifel
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Lycanthropy can be a terrible social handicap.
rhinoguy by Terrifel
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It's cold and flu season, and this poor fellow has contracted a rhinovirus, ah, ah ha haHAHAHAAHAA--eh heh--see, it's--it's funny, because he's turning into a--I'm sorry.
pharraet by Terrifel
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The warning on the door to the tomb read, 'Cursed be he who disturbs the shiny objects of the Ferret God-Emperor, immortal Phuzzi-Ra.'
cursssesss by Terrifel
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Frustrated that the public access computer terminals at his workplace refuse to display any Transfur pages with the new website design, this fellow has transformed himself into a snake out of despair.
molified by Terrifel
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During the summer months, it's important to take extra care of your skin. Limit your exposure to direct sunlight, use an effective sunblock, and watch out for unusual skin changes and the sudden appearance of moles.
dolphinguy by Terrifel
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In a flash, Carl finally understood both the reason for his love of the ocean, and his lifelong craving for Mediterranean sardines.
ThomasSWerewolf by Terrifel
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Medieval tradition doesn't mention the fact, but in addition to silver and aconite, one of the telltale signs of lycanthropy is a severe allergy to stretch fabrics.
cuscus by Terrifel
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Ground couscous is a popular Arabic pasta dish. The ground cuscus is a small Australian marsupial. Always check your spelling, especially when trying out recipes from the Necronomicon.