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actaeon by Terrifel
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An experiment with markers, featuring the least nude nude in the history of art--I was trying to depict Artemis as a divine being, illuminated from within. Sadly, she turned out looking like the Silver Surfer. I have so much to learn.
orcaguy by Terrifel
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On the bright side, it turned out that the tide was coming in.
bearguy by Terrifel
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A helpful consumer tip: Don't purchase Cursed Native American Burial Ground brand of honey.
ptrog by Terrifel
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Science has demonstrated that there is only a 1% genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees...or is that .75%? Possibly only .5%....We have a bid of .25% from the gentleman in the back row, do I hear a .1%? Going once...going twice...
tamandua by Terrifel
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MAD! They called me mad at the Academy... But at long last, I have finally perfected my Tamandua Elixir-- and now, with all the powers of the noble South American tree anteater, I shall RULE THE WORLD! MUHUHAHAHA-- hmm... Actually it does sound kind of crazy when I say it out loud like that. Maybe they were right about me after all! Anteater powers?! What was I thinking?!
mkduke by Terrifel
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A scene from 'Lots,' a story by Charles Matthias (MatthiasRat), set in the TF-laden Metamor Keep story universe. > http://transform.to/ Click on Charles' homepage for his stories, and on the Metamor Keep Story Archive for others in the series.