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Windragon self-TF by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Earlier this year I turned myself into a Windragon from Legendz. Because Shiron/Ranshiin are total husband material.
Red Hair? Red Tail! by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Secret Santa gift art for DeniedArtist on DA as part of a Discord server we're on.
Mushroom Creature by THE COAST IS NEAR
8206 views, 53 favorites, 3 comments
Wanted to whip up something quickly for #TFTuesday on Twitter so here's a mushroom lizard creature thingy
Duck tails, a-woo-ooh🎵 by THE COAST IS NEAR
8085 views, 57 favorites, 2 comments
This was just a quick self-indulgent thing.
Frogs.png by THE COAST IS NEAR
8055 views, 37 favorites, 4 comments
New clickhole article: degenerate internet person draws art based on our articles
Coastmoth by THE COAST IS NEAR
7894 views, 39 favorites, 2 comments
Large moths are fuzzy and cute and I wanted to make myself one.
Commission for Alekgator by THE COAST IS NEAR
7640 views, 40 favorites, 3 comments
For Alekgator on FurAffinity! Why pick one animal when you can be both?
Can't stop the caw :V by THE COAST IS NEAR
7419 views, 48 favorites, 3 comments
A quick doodle because i can't stop thinking about were-ravens and were-crows and people turning into them
Moonlit Weresquirrel by THE COAST IS NEAR
7331 views, 17 favorites, 0 comments
Had an itch to draw something to fit the spooky season, figured my weresquirrel sona was close enough to a lycanthrope or something. SO IT'S HIS TURN TO SHINE! but get some squirrel pants or something you weirdo
My side of an art trade with TheOther-Side on FA. I drew his werebat character! With the summer solstice rapidly approaching, if you’re a nocturnal creature, you better make sure the early morning sun doesn’t blast your face off when you least need it to.