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Tiger Tiger WIP by TimidTabby
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Lots of oldies. A quick Tiger tf sequence attempt. I should do more Tiger tfs more often.
DRGTFS by TimidTabby
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A rough sketch of an very old dragon tf sequence I attempted and never really improved upon.
Lure of the Bayou by TimidTabby
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Hmm...I was going to say this wasn't going to be continued after all these years...but, if I can find the original drawing then maybe; just maybe, I'll finish it up proper. No huge story here. Male trespasser ventures into the swamp for good or bad, a little Bayou magic curse the poor lad into joining the creatures that live here into a gator man. Female gator watches in background loving the new addition to the swamp. That's about it, hehe.
Late Night Snack Surprise -WIP- by TimidTabby
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Another unfinished sequence sketch I started a while back. This one I don't have any interest in continuing so here it will stay unfinished...maybe, possibly, idk :P Among Wolves and Cats (and dragons), mice TF's have be a odd fascination of mine as well. Guess The Witches had something to do with it...or the fact I was born in the year of the Rat Zodiac. Actually have quite a few other mouse tf's lying around so they will be coming soon. This sequence shows our overly-familiar young ma...
Bakeneko's Gift -WIP- by TimidTabby
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Another unfinished comic Sequence I started years ago. Our young man loves his precious cat, a orphaned feline who showed up to his house one day looking awfully similar to his last beloved pet that passed away, both immediately enthralled at first sight taking in the affectionate cat. There is just something about the feline that reminds the young man of her, expressing the same intelligence and loving zeal his dear old pet shared for him. Turned out his instincts were dead on. One ni...
Avian Surprise -WIP- by TimidTabby
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OK, time for the WIP Flash Round! First up; one of the very few bird-type TF's I attempt half a decade ago (I believe; don't quote me on that, hehe). Was trying to go for a shocked look and also for a unique kind of bird-gal where her arms and hands could still be...well, arms and hands but would have her wings from the back. The process...fell apart unfortunately after running into a creative brick wall with this one. Maybe I'll revisit it but for now in the scraps it will be. Thoughts...