Late Night Snack Surprise -WIP- by TimidTabby

Late Night Snack Surprise -WIP- by

Date: 7/16/2017 Views: 4163 Favorites: 10 Comments: 0

Forced Transformation

Another unfinished sequence sketch I started a while back. This one I don't have any interest in continuing so here it will stay unfinished...maybe, possibly, idk :P

Among Wolves and Cats (and dragons), mice TF's have be a odd fascination of mine as well. Guess The Witches had something to do with it...or the fact I was born in the year of the Rat Zodiac. Actually have quite a few other mouse tf's lying around so they will be coming soon.

This sequence shows our overly-familiar young man character coming back to his room late at night, surprised to find a small cheese dish waiting for him with a note attached. "Free Yourself. I'm waiting," it says, followed by the word SQUEAK. Though cautious, the smell of the cheese makes his stomach growl throwing said caution into the wind for a tasty bite.

And thus starts his transformation into a small anthropomorphic mouse, startled but oddly fascinated by his rodent appearance. And to further his surprise, the gift giver reveals herself slinking from the corners of his desk, striking warm and excitable feelings he never thought he'd have for a mouse. Then again, a mouse with an anthropmorphic female body certain helps make the attraction welcoming.