Exotic Awakenings -Cat TF- by TimidTabby

Exotic Awakenings -Cat TF- by

Date: 7/18/2017 Views: 8263 Favorites: 18 Comments: 0


I'm just going to slip this here before bed.

Based on an old story I previous mentioned in the "Foxy Awakening" post, where Tabby discovered the unique website of darling animal beauties that tempts him into unleashing his inner feline freely. The first image is, of course, Tabby embracing the wild surge the ladies on the website have endowed him with. The second the aftermath where Tabby has become his own cat, and one of the ladies has magically appeared to whisk him away to...where ever they live :P

There is a prequel image to this series, but since it has no TF I didn't believe it would fit on this site (that...and to be perfectly honest I don't really like the designs all that much these days).