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Werewolf Tf by Tomek1000
8150 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
just random transformation i made to do something with free time
New Daughter (commision) by Tomek1000
20632 views, 136 favorites, 19 comments
commision for emiendorwi: god this art took me so much time ^^ but i realy happy how this comic look ^^ hehe also well i got bad luck XD emiendorwin wanted to have new Daughter and she unlucky find me and tf tg into her hatching (help)
Shark Tf by Tomek1000
9899 views, 30 favorites, 8 comments
commision for neybulot i had a bit play with it but moust problems i had coz of art block
Cow Tf (commision) by Tomek1000
9148 views, 39 favorites, 0 comments
commision for Kirito from Transfur he asked for his tf into cow well so here it is XD
Dragon Pool Toy Tf AT by Tomek1000
7657 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
art trade i done with awesome artist i still wait for her part but its realy worth ^^ well here is her OC Tiny tf into dragon pool toy
Pool Toy Tf Commision by Tomek1000
12202 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
commision for my good friend traskfox he asked for art where he tf one of his friend (he got a lot of them XD) into pool toy XD why he do it? well that you need ask him anyway i spend a lot of time at this art to make it look good ^^
Raptor Tf Commision by Tomek1000
6244 views, 29 favorites, 2 comments
Commision for Kirito he wanted his tf into raptor
Wolferion Tf Tgcommision by Tomek1000
14813 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
commision for my very good friend phoenix-hound she wanted her tf tg into one of her old oc well she dont enjoy it too much XD coz she want stay female ^^"
Julius Becoming Julia by Tomek1000
10906 views, 59 favorites, 1 comment
here is gift for my friend juliustheawesome (ps this is his nick XD)
Sergal Tf Tg Mohroom Commsion by Tomek1000
13061 views, 75 favorites, 3 comments
Sergal tf tg mooshroom (commsion) Here is commision for :iconn40-m1: he wanted his tf tg into ssome type of sergal and reason of tf was mooshroom that exploded and his spore turned him into mooshroom sergal ro something like that