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Deer suit tf by Tomek1000
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wow today i had great inspiration i done this in 1 day XD i hope i ddiynt fail shading and lights coz i wanted show its latex costume by it also its my first suit tf so i dont know if it looks good its my part of art trade with great artist :iconhelixjack: i hope he will like it
Birthday Transformation by Tomek1000
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Uff finaly done this one was realy hard art lot of details nvm its birthday gift for :iconnolhyaa: coz she got soon birthday i know she realy like do tf arts so i chosed to make one for her i just got hope she will like it Happy Birthday! :iconnolhyaa:
Cursed Rings by Tomek1000
17161 views, 87 favorites, 10 comments
Finaly its done i worked at it about 1 week and now atlast i can submit my work here is commision for James Xar from Furafinity he and his friend :iconemiendorwin: find 2 cursed rings, after they put them on they start change into female dragoness "CURSE" this is my moust hard art i ever done i realy long worked at bg here i was trying tu upgrade my skills in drawing i hope they will like this comic
Dragons Tf by Tomek1000
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Well first time i did tf of me into my dragon form its my part of art trade with :iconnolhyaa: this time i was realy hard working at art i used pen tool for lineart what took me 1 full day to do it next day did take me at coloring and shading it + BG , i put a lot work in shading to show details of body like muscule and feet build also for wings and ofcours lot of playing with hairs Short story for this art (i just wanted try do it like others do this storys for arts) When i did coome visit...