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Ferret Business by Weazel75
9104 views, 34 favorites, 8 comments
I don't know what you might consider this, but I think it's TF.
Mustelid Machine by Weazel75
6258 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Here, I guess...
Carrot Flavored by Weazel75
11382 views, 33 favorites, 4 comments
While not ENTIRELY what I was going for as a sequence, I think this gets the point across and is acceptable enough to stop me from agonizing over a rabbit sequence for the near future.
Evolution Of Whales by Weazel75
8830 views, 33 favorites, 6 comments
Massively huge thing I did that I might end up losing after I change computers. So I thought I'd upload it here and on FA as well as dA. Push I'd like to start pushing the TG down in my gallery, because I'm honestly kind of embarrassed it exists. >> I had fun with this, but I wouldn't want to do it again...
White Rabbit by Weazel75
6048 views, 33 favorites, 2 comments
I've been trying to draw a Rabbit TF sequence for a while now, but it just never turns out right. So here's a solo image, until I hopefully figure out how I want a sequence to work.
Otter Ring by Weazel75
11922 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments
Drew this just after Desire V2, as something to put on dA.
Kitty Plush by Weazel75
9490 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for CassidyTheCivet on dA. http://fav.me/d7fublg Neither character's species, Civet and Culpeo, are in TransFur's database.
Steam Train by Weazel75
8299 views, 32 favorites, 7 comments
Legitimately one of the hardest things I've ever drawn, and I'm not even 100% happy with the result.
Power of Anubis by Weazel75
10107 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Most of my images do in fact involve anthros. I'm working on improving my humans, but these guys are sort of my "comfort zone".
Bonding by Weazel75
9945 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Cartooning is a great stress reliever and I recommend it to anyone into the visual arts.