kw-jckitty-clsmall by BlackRat

kw-jckitty-clsmall by

Date: 12/25/2003 Views: 21160 Favorites: 78 Comments: 7


not quite X-mas yet, but heres a pic anyway. JC kitty, rawr. Done with Photoshop and painter with about 15 layers and a whole lot of time.


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O.O What can I say? With each piece of your artwork I see, the more I LOVE it!! This is great! The coloring, detail, facial expressions, and those hand/paws foot/paws... *drools* Keep up the good work! I cant wait for your site to get its update!!! ^.^


I just love your Cheeta morphs...


Very Nice. ^_^ StealthWolf-SS ^_^


This may be completly off but when I look at this picture I get the impression that the subject started out as an african american. I may be wrong about that though. Anyhow, great picture, keep up the good work.


You can tell from the white fur growing around her tank top and in her armpit that the brown areas are all human skin. Person of African descent turning into an African were (looks more like a leopard to me, but it's not conclusive), makes perfect sense, I like it.


Heyo, thanks for the kind words, yeah JC here is a leopard, altho her coloration is a bit bright in retrospect. And yes Shes is "of african decent" Other ethnicites are grossly under reped heh. Her skin color would normally call for a darker fur tone (skin mimics fur pattern, spots and all) but i like the contrast and Black "panthers"(leopards) get enough face time already. I think drawing in all the spots are a put off, as is doing tiger stripes properly :D LOL. Back to work for me. (practi


Now, I like it, but... what's with the (to me) weird pose?